The way of the world is meeting people through other people


ISP was esthablised to share knowledge in the petrochemical and chemical industry. ISP has the vision ‘ From individual knowledge to shared knowledge, as a platform for innovative thinking “. Hereby ISP is focused on knowledge management, innovation and training.

Knowledge management is also called social innovation. In the future Managing knowledge will play an increasingly important role, when it comes to capture, retain and make available and expand knowledge and experience of the employees. ISP has an online knowledge platform: founded on this platform it is possible to create profiles, get in touch with experts, substantive questions, discussions and news, documents and movies to share.

In addition to managing knowledge, ISP indicatives itself on innovations. Every day we see new challenges, however not every company has the resources to react instandly. If companies join forces to innovate, this will not only promotes the innovative capacity, but also the synergy between companies. ISP offers this possibility, because the network consists of both ordering parties, suppliers of services and products, educational institutions, non-profit organizations and trade associations.